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here lies thane krios: his dick was too bomb

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Anonymous asked: Hello BuzzFeed! What is your favorite sport? Mine's hockey!


Opinions vary, but a lot of us are fond of Turkish oil wrestling. It’s the national sport of Turkey!

oh my.

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Colorful Chicks Hatch at Zoo Basel

Here’s a sure sign of spring from Zoo Basel in Switzerland: eight colorful Silkie chickens have hatched and are now cheeping and pecking away.

Learn more at Zooborns.

aw Silkies!

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I feel like these aren’t funny to anybody but the ones getting photoshopped.

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We have secretary day, boss’ day, mother’s day, father’s day….GRANDPARENTS DAY.

What’s the holiday for people who have careers with no children? The holiday for people who work their butts off and pay taxes, who either opted out of children or can’t have them?

We’re the reason you are a boss, have secretaries, are a mother, are a father. We help your kids’ school district with about 97% of our property taxes. We buy shit and go out to eat during the week and support local businesses. We have discretionary income we spend on stuff that families usually don’t. We make the gears turn in other ways.

I’m sure I’m butthurt. But I like recognition. It takes a lot to go to work every day to a challenging job, to keep your body healthy and fit, to keep your house nice inside and out.


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